She sighed with pleasure as her tired body slid into the freshly run bath. She felt that welcome burst of energy as the hot foamy water wrapped itself around her naked body. Karen always enjoyed [...]


There are times in life when we just turn primal to a feeling of hunger and wanting at any cost thoughts of an encounter with a stranger that we click with, the unspoken word like [...]


Thoughts - of how it feels when a kiss is applied to everything else...I'm stood naked in the middle of the floor waiting to be guided to where she wants me, that soft touch of [...]

St Andrews Cross xxx

It's another Friday afternoon and am on my way to see my Tantric Mistress for my usual erotic and sensual massage! a couple of hours before I received a message from her saying she had [...]

Touching the void x …

Once you feel the first touch your body responds and is alerted for what's to come, her hands slide over your body feathering and flirting with your erogenous zones while maintaining that smooth sliding massage [...]

The Wanting x…

He kneels before her, naked, vulnerable. His Mistress sits above him, leans back and stretches out her stockinged leg, her toes touching his lips. "Kiss," she says simply. He begins to kiss her foot. Though [...]

Lover’s Secret Surprise x….

Lying there looking at his lover Gary marvelled at her soft ebony skin and toned rounded form. They had been lovers for 35 years and Karen still turned him on as much now as she [...]

He feels safe xxx

To him, She was his escape, his ever-present lighthouse As shadow's crept up his vision, he would go to her seeking temporary paradise in an unforgiving world that would pass judgement on those that failed to [...]