Touching the void x …

Once you feel the first touch your body responds and is alerted for what’s to come, her hands slide over your body feathering and flirting with your erogenous zones while maintaining that smooth sliding massage of your body.. she slides her hands between your buttocks and feathers your balls with her finger tips, scraps the scrotum so gently with her nails you flex your hips up off the bed so your balls hang exposed as your shaft swells with blood in anticipation of that first touch… but teasingly she moves down your inner thigh and back again up towards the top of the thigh just enough to stroke the balls and anal area, your mouth is wet and full as you gulp for her next move, she slips her hands under to coax your balls and using one finger to slide up and down your swollen cock, i thrust up and back inviting her to take a firm hold of my shaft but then her hand slides away like a piece of silk leaving you in a state of gagging… once the back and legs have been nicely massaged and relaxed you feel her kneel between you, legs spread apart she starts to slide her thumbs over your anal area stroking my balls at the same time inching ever so closer to my cock just feathering it.. then she takes hold peeling my skin down the shaft rolling her finger over my cock end.. am in a state of ecstasy and she knows it, now pulling my shaft from underneath me using both hands to cradle it she slowly wanks my whole cock enough for me not to ejaculate and loose control, her touch and timing is exquisite.
she whispers in my ear can you turn over please her voice as silky as her touch, now laid on my back fully exposed shaft semi swollen lying to one side, she drizzles the hot oil over me massaging my chest and stomach working her way down and over my cock using a V shape with her palms sliding up and down my shaft taking the full length of me in her hands wanking me off slowly then at a pace which make me thrust upward towards her while she pays close attention to cupping my balls “touching the void” she knows am on the edge and slowly works her way down my legs leaving me in a state of pre ejaculation full of filth and wanting… its not long before she decides its time to release the lusting beast within, once again my shaft is the Centre of attention as she pulls my cock down between my legs stroke the shaft, my legs spread cock and balls wide open she takes hold of me gyrating my shaft up and down, in one hand my erect tower’ balls cupped in the other she works my cock slowly at first and then at a pace into a full blown hammering my cock hard and fast, the psychical wrench as my cum surges internally to the top of my now full penis, mind blowing fuck and lust seeps out of me as the transformation of total calm falls over me, at rest fully relaxed she pampers my body with towels making sure i come down gently . The sound of her footsteps fade as i’m now consumed in a blissful state of peace xxx


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