Sensual Freedom And Disability

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Sensual Freedom And Disability

Awakening to sacred sensuality

Having your sensuality taken seriously without judgement, no labels –
All too often people with disabilities are wrongly assumed to be asexual or are discouraged from pursuing intimate relationships.

Tantra is about experiencing life in the present while being true to oneself, patience and creativity will expand on your sensual pleasure. We all need to be touched – physically, emotionally and spiritually. These gifted blessings can be achieved without the need of sexual intercourse. The connection of spiritual and sensual energy can bring forth sensations of pure bliss, pleasure, peace and happiness.Being confronted with a physical disability or chronic disease will have life-changing consequences. Expanding your choices and empowering you as a person will give you the power to change goals…

Why me?

I don’t have a magic cure but do have empathy and experience, alongside a gifted healing touch. I work with a few clients who have varied disabilities and impairments. In the past, i have counselled clients through terminal illness and recovery –
Labels are not significant but an understanding, a mutual respect for love and trust truly is …………
A warm and friendly chat is helpful to break down any concerns and to highlight any problem areas –
Personal circumstances can be evaluated –

Wheelchair user?
Incontinence ?
Body Image?

My role is to be as resourceful as possible , heal , share sensual energy , build confidence , create a space to allow love and intimacy , rebuild confidence, explore sensuality , promote positive body image issues , learn how to induce intense pleasure through Tantric massage, As well as to how to surrender into powerful orgasmic states .