The Moregasm Face (part 2 of 2)

Unveiling a thick juicy cock is always a treat but this time the adventure goes above and beyond.

Feeling closer and turned on Mrs X needs a helping set of hands –

Cupping her breasts, i flick and tease her wanting erect nipples with some soft nibbling.

Mr X – what can i say? ?

That tongue really works well,

He softly blows across her labia , Cool whispers of air creating tingles . Her wetness is pleading for him to fill the void with his thick cock as she pants and generates dirty needy moans of want !

Her attention sways from the want of a hot cock inside her as her naked soaked body feel the warmth of mine . Skin to skin – Swollen breasts slipping and sliding. I trail my tongue up and down ….

My wetness excites me as her arm reaches out for more , Mmmm the smell of pure fun filled erotica –

Taste – Want – Need ? xxx

I tease my wetness away from the temptation , my eyes are drawn to a hard throb !

Mr X – his cock looks ripe, he slides around liberally teasing her clit with his tongue and the tip of his cock . She raises her ass up and spreads her legs to engage in a timeless sea of intensified multiple orgasms …

Swallowing her sweet nectar as she cums all over his face she draws his wet lips towards the union of hers xxx.

Smiles all the around and my devious mind has an outstanding matter to attend too!

Slowing things down a glass of wine is shared and we start to dance, it’s crazy no inhibitions it’s just us.

Our tight , secret …..

Two Goddesses and Mr X –

I twirl my fingers around Mrs X and her hair , we dance very provocatively putting on quite a sexy intervalled tease …

Manoeuvring his body is quite literally easy, come on –

Sandwiched between two naked ladies? How can his cock not resist the twitch ???

Leaning towards him i pin his hands above his head, my breasts snuggle into him as he sucks my femininity into his f–ked kinky brain …

Mrs X -takes his cock into her mouth, she strokes her wet tongue up and down his hard shaft . Tracing her warmth towards the head of his cock , she sucks and nibbles and takes in more xxx

I whisper –

Sooo, do you like your big cock being played with?

His body makes involuntary jerks as Mrs X – licks and sucks …

I admire his perseverance , knowing he never ever wants this to stop , but desperately wants to share his warm cum with his Mrs X

My eyes roll as he tries to answer me ,

Shhh !!!

Softly but confidently i place my lips on his – and kiss him.

Slowly tongue fu-king a hot wanting mouth , taste so very good xxx

Mrs X – deep throat skills are genuinely making me feel so turned on,

I grab her hair and push her face deep into his swollen balls .

Looking down at her face i feel the need to take over –

Edging takes time –

And after all – that is what Mrs X wanted!

She wanted, and did create this fantasy, she made it hers, she shared it and is now living it ….

The Moregasm Face !!!

Three liberated consensual adults – exploring depths of empowerment

I straddle Mrs X – She can sense my excitement, if i moved in a little closer she could taste my honey as i softly sit over her face.

It’s fair to say – Our unit is one , our sensuality is united and we are all so fu–ing horny ! ?

Mr X – gives permission to stroke her clit and explore with some hungry finger fucking !

The Goddess inside as built up quite a dirty fulfilled appetite that requires feeding,

She has experienced the touch

The want – devoured his warm salty cum ,and now she needs to feel his masculine urgent deep thrusts ,,,

She is the Goddess who is being desired – She owns that cock and smiles as it moves in and out . Filling her sacred space with hot thick juicy cock , orgasms roll into multitudes of spasms

Her long arms pull me closer , she lifts her head taking my nipples , her hot lips tingle with pleasure . Our bodies reciprocate the intense waves of pleasures as our bodies once again collide .

He kneels between her,

She flexes her legs and wraps them around his neck –

Slowly he slides his cock into her, fingers celebrate our clits, in sync with vibrations and a magnetic energy that turns into euphoria.

I kiss Mrs X – my tongue exploring as she moans .

Sweat drips from Mr X , as he pumps away and thrusts into her . His balls are slapping her hard and yes she is coming , consuming every inch of her Husbands cock .

Finally, reaching together into an out there space as he fu-cks her stupid.

She finally squirts, she squirts her wet proud cock and finally achieves …

“ The Moregasm Face “ ….



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