Lover’s Secret Surprise x….

Lying there looking at his lover Gary marvelled at her soft ebony skin and toned rounded form. They had been lovers for 35 years and Karen still turned him on as much now as she did when they first met at the office workplace. Their lovemaking was always intense, always physical and passionate and fulfilled them totally. In the last couple of years, they had further boosted their passion with infrequent visits to a local swingers club. They had also developed an interest in sensual massage and both had visited Sammie after seeing her intriguing website. Both had tried a tantric massage. Gary had visited a couple of times since and each visit just seemed to get better.

“I’ve booked to see Sammie again,” he said.

“That’s very naughty. When are you going? Karen replied.

“Next Tuesday. Will, you come with me?”.


“He tried to hide his disappointment. “OK, no problems. I thought you might want to join me and share the experience”.

“No” she replied. “It’s your time and I don’t want to intrude”.

Gary knew not to push it but asked “I thought you really enjoyed yourself when you met Sammie? I had a look at the review you wrote to her website. You clearly had an erotic experience”.

“I know. I loved it”

“Then why not come with me and enjoy it again?”

“It’s just… I’m not sure what. It’s just that something was missing from the experience”.

“How do you mean?” he asked puzzled.

“It’s just, I don’t know, I just felt so frustrated by the experience. I wanted to touch her and kiss her and reciprocate the feelings she was giving me but I couldn’t. I can’t explain better than that”.

“Yes she is sexy,” he said. “She turned me on. It would be so hot to share an intimate massage with her, wouldn’t it?”

Karen agreed. “It’s a pity we cannot get her to visit our hotel room,” she said. “I would love to have her kiss touch and tease us both whilst we fucked”.

Gary felt her stirring with excitement at the mention of it and his hand reached between her legs and found her very wet indeed. “She definitely wouldn’t want to have sex with us,” he said. He felt his erection growing at the mere conversation. “But I’d love to have that tactile interaction between the three of us”.

“Me too,” Karen said and she gasped as rolling onto her Gary slid himself into her wetness.

Over the weekend Gary & Sammie exchanged emails to finalise the time of the session. They agreed on a “topless tantric massage” Sammie shared that she had just purchased a new dildo sex toy that she was looking forward to using on her clients. Gary sent Karen’s regards to Sammie and said that she hoped to see her in due course. Later that day he sent the email exchange onto Karen to ensure she was aware of what he was doing. “I’ve had the tie&tease session and the tantric massage, but not the topless tantric” he explained in his message. Not sure what the difference is but I guess it’s in the title. Sure you won’t come with me” he had asked one last time and Karen had reiterated that she would not go but that they would meet at a nearby hotel immediately afterwards so that Gary could tell her all about it whilst they made love.

Tuesday arrived. Driving towards Wakefield Gary hit a motorway delay and slightly stressed took a local diversion. Shortly afterwards the phone rang and using the hands-free he took the call. It was Karen, just wishing him luck and telling him to have a lovely time and that she would see him at the hotel.


Arriving outside Sammie’s flat I felt the usual nerves, but knowing how warm and open Sammie was I quickly gathered myself, descended the stairs and rang the bell. The door opened almost immediately and a soft sultry voice beckoned me in. Closing the door behind me Sammie stood there offering her usual friendly and welcoming smile.

“So, back from holiday to this cold weather,” she said.

I stood and looked at her taking in the smile, the friendly gesture and the alluring outfit she had chosen. High heels and black fishnet stockings set off her shapely legs. A black short skirt hinted at hidden pleasures and a plain blouse partially unbuttoned showed her ample cleavage to its best.

“Very very nice,” I thought, my mind flashing back to the conversation Karen and I had shared a few days ago. But instead, I said, “Yes, but I’m sure I will be nice and comfortable here”.

Leaving me to undress, Sammie said “when you are ready to sit on the table but don’t lie down. I want to try a few different stimulation techniques with you”

“Interesting,” I thought as I undressed. Let’s see what these techniques entail.

Returning to the room Sammie handed me an elasticised blindfold and instructed me to put it on. Then she tied a further wider blindfold around my head over the first. I was now sat in the dark, naked, erect, full of anticipation.

I issued the first gasp of pleasure as I sensed then felt Sammie come up behind me and gently whisper in my ear ‘relax you are going to enjoy it”. My nerves tingled as I felt her warm body press against my back as her hot breath swirled around my neck and ears. I felt the softness of her breasts gently pressing into my back.

Next, I was being stimulated by something soft. A feather? I don’t know but it’s gently and it tickles and thrills as it runs across my back. Once again I sense rather than feel the close presence of Sammie behind me then I twitch with ecstasy as I again feel her breasts push against me. Now she stands in front of me as I sit there naked and aroused. She whispers again in my ear but the words are lost and I just mumble and nod my head. I visibly shudder as I feel her hand slowly run around the tip of my erection. I am rock hard and bursting to just reach out and caress this godless but I know I must show restraint and maintain the respect. I want so much to explore her as she is exploring me.

Taking my right hand she lifts it towards her mouth Uncurling my fingers she takes one slowly into her warm mouth and clamping her moist lips around it gently starts to suck it imitating fellatio. At the same time, I feel Sammie grinding herself into my knees. I think I feel but know I’m only imagining her pussy lips pressing against me through her panties as she slowly and skilfully grinds and sucks.

My mind is racing. I need to try to remember every moment so I can relive it with Karen later. How I wish she had come with me to share this erotic experience. My mind clicks back to the now as I feel both of Sammie’s hands now gently grip my cock completely engulfing it. I sense her bending her knees and lowering her head towards my cock. Blindfolded I can only try to sense what is happening but it feels like and my mind agreed that she is bent before me her mouth only millimetres from my hard cock and only her fingers between it and her inviting mouth. “Suck me” The words form in my brain but remain unsaid. I am hard. I am breathing hard and I am lost at the moment.

She stands and whispers for me to lie down on my front. I meekly comply. I hear Sammie leave the room but return a few moments later. I twitch as I feel a slight vibration on my buttocks and back as I am stimulated by one of Sammie toys. My mind is working again. Is it her new dildo as described in her email? Perhaps not. It feels quite small but very effective. After a few mi mutes of stimulation, I sensed her leave the room again and return a few moments later

Another sensation this time along with my back and shoulders. Gentle but different A cat o nine tails perhaps? If so then used as a gentle stimulator rather than an instrument of pain. I shift on the table as my erection is being squeezed below my stomach and I involuntarily raise my buttocks. Sammie takes the opportunity to gently grab my cock and massage it with her skilful fingers. I moan and mumble my appreciation of the pleasure she is giving me.

She leaves the room once more and I hear movement I the adjoining room before she quickly rejoins me. What comes next? What implement of pleasure has she been to retrieve this time? As I lay in anticipation she whispers in my ear to turn onto my back. I do so feel ing no hint of self-consciousness as I lay naked with a throbbing erection still blindfolded.

I feel warm oil being applied to my body followed by Sammie’s trademark gossamer touch as her hands started their progress across my oiled body. I sensed her close and felt or imagined, I don’t know which, her groin pressing against the back of my hand as it gripped the table edge. Once again I lost myself in the moment as I surrender to the feelings my nerve endings generated as skilful tactile hands massaged every area of my body.

“Stand up” Sammie whispered.

Puzzled I did so. She had never asked this in a previous massage but so far today had been no “usual” session. She bid me to walk slowly with her as she guided me backwards disorientated by the blindfold over my eyes. Stepping slowly several steps I felt the coldness of a door press against my back. My hands were pulled upwards as Sammie instructed me to stand hand above my head and remain still. Now my mind was being stimulated as much as my body as I tried to anticipate what happens next. I felt Sammie once again press her warm body against mine. I felt the material of her clothing all that stood between me and her inviting flesh which I so wanted to experience. Her fingers roamed across my body and I felt a hand around my cock slowly masturbating me. Lips brushed over my nipples and stomach. A whisper in my ear

“do you want to taste some candy?”

All I could do was nod. My mouth was dry, words would hardly form anyway as my brain tried to process all the contrasting stimulation. I sense her close against me and I gasped aloud as a tongue pressed into my mouth and licked mine. Another surprising sensation. First the kiss so unexpected and so exquisite in its eroticism. Then the explosion of sensation as my taste buds exploded to the popping candy that her tongue had introduced. The pop explosion sounded like gunfire in my mouth as my brain continued to try make sense of and exaggerate each new pleasure being administered. More caressing of lips over my neck and ears. My nipples. My stomach. Hands touching my thighs and genitals. Sammie again whispered in my ear

‘you will remember the song playing now forever”.

Before my mind could process the erotic music in the background I was distracted by her lips brushing over mine then……oh what the fuck?…..My body sparked and my senses almost shut down as simultaneously I felt other lips soft lips warm lips familiar lips gently wrap around my cock and take me into a willing demanding mouth. “What? How?” I knew that sensation, had felt that mouth on me so many times, always sexy, always welcome. my Lover Karen. I was struggling to keep control, even just to stand. Two very sexy ladies, both focussing their attention on me. It felt like heaven and my heart was now my second organ swelling. I felt so proud and honoured that Karen had set this up as my surprise session and someone was in the room with Sammie and I.

Hands continued to wander all across my skin, each one bringing fresh sensations as I experienced the joy of both of them caressing, massaging, wanking me. I almost didn’t hear the words Sammie whispered after a few minutes but knew she was indicating for me to walk back to the table. I lay down face up and gasped again as the blindfold was removed and as I adjusted to the light I saw Karen stood over me wearing her sexy leather microdress. Halter neck with ample cleavage on show. Super short, barely covering her ass, and clingy, showing the curves of her glorious body. She smiled and bent over to gently kiss me on the lips. I glanced at Sammie stood at him another side of the bed. She had now removed her top and I was able to take in the curves of her full breasts. She looked so hot and sexy and my body continued to react to her gentle hands slowly running the length of my cock.

For the next few minutes, I don’t know, maybe 5, maybe 15, I simply let myself drift off to another place as two magnificent goddesses and four hands manipulated and stimulated every part of my body.

As Karen got up on the table to massage my thighs Sammie stood near to my shoulder and massaged my chest. I could feel the warmth of her thigh pressing against my arm. I looked again at her full breasts and knew I just wanted to feel them, to taste them, to take each nipple in my mouth and suck gently on them. My arm reached out to touch them but instinctively I knew this would be wrong and instead my hand came to rest curled around her upper thigh. That was enough, that simple touch of her leg, combined with her hands on my chest and Karen sat over me massaging my thighs sent waves of electricity through my body. As Sammie ran both hands up and down my cock my body spasmed and I felt the start of the most powerful orgasm I have ever encountered. My heart was pounding, breath was difficult, I could hear nothing. All I could focus on was the exquisite touch of these two beauties pleasuring me. As my orgasm rose my breathing became shorter, more laboured. I almost panicked with the shortness of breath as I came, my body convulsing as I ejaculated.

Then it was over. I lay there for moments panting, exhausted, desperately trying to get my breathing under control, my chest heaving. All I remember seeing is two smiling faces looking down at me. Then Karen bent over me and gently kissed me on the lips. She whispered something in my ear but the words were lost. I tried to speak but my mouth was dry and my breathing shallow. My mind couldn’t work out the right words to say. What can you say to two supreme sexual beings who have just brought you to the orgasm of a lifetime? In the end, I just stopped trying to speak and lay back to reflect on my luck. I felt the luckiest guy around.


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