She sighed with pleasure as her tired body slid into the freshly run bath. She felt that welcome burst of energy as the hot foamy water wrapped itself around her naked body. Karen always enjoyed these moments alone at the end of a hectic workday.  She loved her job and her career and gained so much from it. Helping others be their absolute best was rewarding but sometimes exhausting.  Now, at the end of another productive but tiring day, she relished the chance for some alone time. A chance to relax, unwind and soak away the stresses in the bathtub. As she took a sip from her glass of wine she looked down at her body, at her soft ebony skin, at her full breasts bobbing above the water line and down to her shapely thighs peeping through the soap bubbles.  “Not bad,” she thought “even if I say so myself”. She was totally without conceit but proud of her body. Even now in her late fifties, she knew both men and women lusted after her. She often caught complete strangers giving her more than just a passing glance, noting the way their eyes scanned her entire body.  Rather than be offended she was pleased and enjoyed the appreciative nods she received from the bolder observers. Karen loved sex and sexuality in many forms. She discreetly maintained a small suite of carefully selected and carefully curated lovers. A diverse group, a menu to select from, depending upon where her sexual urges took her at any one time. All however had one common quality. Each worshipped her body, each delighting in the softness of her light ebony skin, smooth and gentle as a baby. Each relished the chance to caress her full soft curves, to enjoy her body, toned and firm as anyone’s even half her age. She revelled in the power she got from them, from the control it gave her knowing that one simple text, email, or WhatsApp message would have the recipient(s) immediately erect and making themselves available to administer pleasure.
 During her bath time Karen loved to masturbate whilst applying massage oil, a specific brand from a well-known sex shop, bought for her by her longstanding lover Gary. He in turn loved nothing more during their lovemaking sessions than to give her a long slow sensual massage with the warm oil. She shuddered with pleasure now at the thought of it. He was very good at it, for a non-trained practitioner. He used what they jokingly called “best practice “, copying techniques that he had picked up whilst being in the hands of Sammie, a tantric goddess, skilled in the art of giving pleasure through her touch.  In fact, both Karen and Gary had experienced the pleasure of Sammie’s touch both separately and as a couple.  The latter remains one of their most fulfilling shared experiences.

Karen reached for the small brown bottle of oil. “Oh no,” she murmured. Disaster.  The bottle was all but empty. Dismayed she placed the bottle down and reached for her phone. Moments later her fingers danced across the keyboard.

Sat in his home office, busy doing nothing, Gary felt the vibration of his phone indicating an incoming message. Opening it he read “going to need more oil for our meeting on Wednesday”. “I will sort it” he messaged back.

No sooner had he done so when the phone pinged again. This time, no words, just one picture started to draw on the screen. The naked torso of his ebony lover, in the bath, oil bottle in her hand carefully hiding her recently waxed bald pussy from view. And yes, it had the predicted effect.  He immediately felt a sickness in the pit of his stomach as adrenalin diverted blood to his cock, getting harder by the second. He was overcome by that sense of immediate longing, a need to just be there to satisfy her needs.
‘Beautiful” was the only answer he could trust himself to send.

Karen turned back to the remaining handful of massage oil. She smoothed her oily hands over her swollen nipples and breasts, slowly kneading the soft flesh, bringing an immediate tingle of pleasure. Already feeling in a sexually heightened state after her brief message exchange she quickly fell into a slow rhythm of self-pleasure as her hands danced across her upper body, always returning attention back to her sensitive and by now rock-hard nipples. Very soon her masturbation fantasy brought her back to thoughts of Sammie and her inimitable touch. With her free hand, she reached again for the phone, this time bringing up the web browser and quickly searching for Sammies website.  As it came onto screen she first sought out her favourite photo of the goddess, alluringly and at the same time coyly posing for the lucky photographer. Karen smiled as she appreciated the sheer sexuality of the woman before her. Then she moved on to the blog pages picking out two posts, one written by her lover Gary, describing a 1-1 experience with Sammie,  the second written jointly between her and Gary recalling the time they both shared a session with Sammie.

She lay in the warm water, scrolling through the blogs with one hand, the other hand continuing to massage her breasts. As the recollections flowed off the page, so her arousal grew, and she felt herself close to orgasm. Tracing a line across her tight abdomen her fingers headed slowly down her body. She gasped out loud as first one then a second of her fingers disappeared inside her willing and by now soaking pussy. She could barely stifle her scream as a powerful orgasm coursed through her, forcing her body to spasm violently, water splashing over the bathroom floor.

As the wave subsided, she maintained the slow finger movement inside her, alternating with a slow stroke of her clit and labia.  She felt a series of small but no less pleasurable orgasms as she continued to masturbate. She knew she could maintain that plateau of orgasmic pleasure for an extended period and fully intended to do so now.

Without warning, a thought popped into her head, completely from leftfield and no sooner had she thought it than her body bucked again as her most powerful orgasm yet hit her like a jolt of electricity.  This time she didn’t even try to suppress her scream.  “What the fuck?” she thought as her heartbeat and emotions started to calm. “Where the hell did that idea come from?” Slightly bemused she continued her journey of self-pleasure but not before sending another message to Gary.

“What the fuck?” Gary thought, his mind a complete jumble as he read the message, “Where the hell did that idea come from? He looked at the message again. Few words but so many interpretations.  It simply read “Do you think Sammie would post my bath photo on her website blog?”. Not sure how best to reply he just went with an honest assessment “For you, I’m sure she would. Just ask her”. For good measure he included Sammie’s email address, thinking this may encourage her to do just that.

In the bath, Karen had stopped questioning her feelings. Suddenly it felt empowering that her masturbation fantasy featured another woman. She had encountered the loving caress of other women during her occasional foray into the swinging scene with Gary, and indeed with other lovers but had always needed a hard cock to complete the experience. Now though she focussed solely on one woman, all thoughts of men put aside. She was in sole control and like all good masturbation fantasy she was able to draw upon real recollections and let her imagination complete the scene. During her massage with Sammie, she had enjoyed the way Sammie had easily and skilfully taken complete control of her whole body knowing intuitively just how far to take her without seeking permission.  She recalled the sweet feeling she had when Sammie had gently slipped a dildo into her pussy, and the orgasmic pleasure of the butt plug being guided expertly inside her. Ultimately though,  although she fully understood and respected the boundaries,  at the time she had craved more. Longed for Sammie to explore her with her mouth and tongue. Yearned to reach out and caress Sammie, to know the pleasure of Sammie’s full breasts in her hands and mouth. Right here, right now though matters were different. This was her fantasy. No such boundaries were needed and her fantasy ran wild.  Quickening the pace of her fingers running over her clit and swollen lips, the final and most intense orgasm built. As she reached the peak of orgasm she almost burst into giggles, both at the sheer hedonistic delight of the feeling but also at her accidental play on words inside her head, ‘Cumming’ and ‘coming ‘.

“I’m Cumming Sammie” she whispered hoarsely. “And I’m coming. To see you”. “Soon” she gasped, “real soon”. 


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