The Moregasm Face! (part 1 of 2)

Filtering through my emails and I notice F.A.O : Mistress Samsara

Good afternoon

I was hoping you could give me further information on the services you provide?
It is my Husbands Birthday and I would like to gift him with a memory he will never forget.
The couples session on your website intrigued me !
I am a mature woman with a demanding professional role within a marketing company. Work and everyday life have become a little mundane to say the least!
Blaahh , blaahh , blaahhh !!!

I respond to the email and we chat – I feel her energy – her turn on ?

A few more chats are exchanged and the meeting is arranged….

Friday has arrived, I’m meeting my couple shortly
I feel sexy and confident as I skim my lacy red thong on , It takes pride and sits attractively on my hips .
I smile fastening my matching red bra , loving the way my full breasts spill over the plunging lacy detail .
Personally, I have a preference for lace top stockings .
For me they apply so much flexibility –
The lace that sits so sweet at the top of the stocking looks sexy . Shapely thighs draws attention to my Womanhood .
The voice within knows owns all beautiful assets bestowed ❤

It’s time – We meet !

Introductions are made – and we do look hot as a group xxx
Let me take the time to introduce our new tight unit –

The Mistress – Long dark wavy hair , wearing a short black slinky dress with a slash up the front. A sweetheart neckline empathise’s full voluptuous breasts . Red high heeled shoes make a statement!

Mrs X – Long blonde hair , fair skin , curves in all the right places . Her bum sits tight in a black leather skirt . A skinny tight fit top is alluring to the eye –

OMG!!! The boots , black thigh length and kinky as f—k xxx

Mr X – looks like the cat who really as licked the cream !

I have to admit – he is cute , f—k I bet he works those Abs….
I can’t wait to wrap my pinkies around that dark mop of hair –
Maybe I could wrap them around something a bit firmer ( my eyes twinkle )

A well fitted t-shirt amplifies a toned up torso, God I’m biting my bottom lip again !

My instructions are to push all boundaries-
Mrs X – has a desire to empower her inner Goddess, she ultimately wants her Husband to appreciate and expand their outer edge of sensuality and sex . Her goal is for me to teach them to build confidence, to trust , to explore- to surrender!

Playfully , i Tease the hotel swipe card back and forth through my fingers.
Pursing it between my red lips ? my body language is conversing in sync.

On our way to the reserved suite it doesn’t go unnoticed but Mr X has manifested a delicious bulge in the trouser department .

Mmmm , naughty messages from my brain alert my inner Goddess .
Warm tingles create a moistness within my panties – and I do like that indeed !

Mrs X – is encouraging play as she seductively seduces the back of his neck and slowly peels his top off .

Both parties are engaged with the sweet smell of lust !

Moving forwards – I raise her arms up in the air , my long nails feather the outline of her body as I slip her top off .

Removing her leather skirt effortlessly – and then I slowly roll down her stockings ..

The chemistry is dynamic – The Want ,
The anticipation , hungry sex fest eyes look into mine .

Our minds fuck each other stupid –

Mr X – licks his lips as he watches me take down her panties .
His thick juicy cock adorns the Tease put on for him .
Her panties are soaking wet and retain the warmth .

Permission to exercise control at my own free monopolies every inch of my fucked up kinky brain ???

I need Mr X to connect with his Wife in every way –
Her panties are neatly placed in his mouth – her smell , the sweet taste of her juices cause his cock to throb !

His manhood full and engorged with manliness and hot fu—ing testosterone .

Trickles of pre cum provide lots of moist sticky lubrication….

Part 2 – to be continued xxxx


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