Tie ‘n’ Tease

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Tie ‘n’ Tease

A sensual dark session with a twist xxx

This is an opportunity to explore q darker shade of play, relinquish control but feel empowered and safe within this mind-blowing experience.

A soft blindfold placed around your face will deprive your vision, your hands will be secured and tied –

The intensity will make your heart thump and create involuntary cock twitches, your senses will reach a heightened state of arousal. As i explore your mind and body your inhibitions will free themselves,

Slowly i will push your buttons and tease, prolonging your orgasm will drive you wild with desire. experiencing various sensory pleasures, feeling my soft skin will take you to the brink, edging back and forth.

Your submission is my addiction and it does please me immensely, i will gradually guide your journey to the point of no return…