Sacred Spot / Prostate Massage

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 Sacred Spot / Prostate Massage

The G-Spot or Sacred Spot of a man is his Prostate gland, it is considered to be the man’s emotional sex centre. Lovingly massaging a man’s prostate releases emotional and physical stress. Combined with Lingam massage this sensual touch can be extremely pleasurable and healing …

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located just beneath the bladder and holds a lot of emotional stress for men, The anus is full of highly sensitive nerve endings, which can be very pleasurable when stroked and pressed together when massaging the prostate. The benefits are many and the pleasure can be highly arousing leading to a mind-blowing experience.

Hmmm, feels so good 🙂 …

When the massage is performed lovingly and correctly waves of pleasure will flood your sex centre. A good prostate massage activates and stimulates the thousands of nerve endings in the external anal area ( Rosebud ) …

More pleasure ???

Once you are being internally massaged the prostate directly creates a deep, pleasurable sensation of its own. Finally, with a prostate massage, you are stimulating the root of the penis allowing men to feel erotic sensations starting deep within and extending out the entire length of their penis. Reports suggest that prostate massage have an overall mind-blowing orgasm and said to benefit from a greater sense of satisfaction.

Reasons For a Prostate Massage :

Prostate massages keep the male sexual system healthy and also detect any changes at the earliest stage, allowing men to seek medical advice ASAP. Prostate massage also relaxes chronic tension in the pelvis encourages blood flow and stimulates fluid production.

The Question is are you ready to explore?

Pleasure The Sacred /Spot – Prepare for your prostate to be lovingly massaged …

Please ensure you allow enough time to empty your bowels, this will reduce any messy mishaps.

The Tantric massage takes your mind and body to a very special place, tides of arousal embrace your whole being.

When the time is right your external prostate (rosebud) will be teased with a latex-gloved finger. Various pressures will be used with combined soft strokes, waves of arousal seduce your very own Sacred area. Lashes of lube trickled around the perineum stimulating increased pleasure …

Your anus area will be feeling very relaxed and receptive, introducing my finger i will delicately massage the prostate. You will gradually feel rushes of erotic sensations pulsing all over your groin and anal area, feeling full and intensified ….