The Wanting x…

He kneels before her, naked, vulnerable. His Mistress sits above him, leans back and stretches out her stockinged leg, her toes touching his lips. "Kiss," she says simply. He begins to kiss her foot. Though [...]

Lover’s Secret Surprise x….

Lying there looking at his lover Gary marvelled at her soft ebony skin and toned rounded form. They had been lovers for 35 years and Karen still turned him on as much now as she [...]

He feels safe xxx

To him, She was his escape, his ever-present lighthouse As shadow's crept up his vision, he would go to her seeking temporary paradise in an unforgiving world that would pass judgement on those that failed to [...]

Is there a me out there ?

Self discovery , amazing ! Having spent years with suppressed emotions and thoughts throughout life i feel positive changes flowing freely .  My heart is sending hugs and baskets of flowers to you all .  [...]