Personal diary giving a Yoni massage ….

Having experienced a confused and troubled past do i practise what i preach  ???

For me , the answer is a positive yes  🙂 ….

Benefits of a Yoni Massage : 

Personal empowerment and growth , spiritual enlightenment , opening energy channels , re-balancing the Chakras .
Higher states of consciousness.
Healing and releasing past pain and trauma .
Improving or overcoming conditions , building confidence and self-esteem , empowerment .
Liberating you as a worthy human being .
Embracing positive thoughts and emotions …..

Yoni = is the Sanskrit word for “Vagina” (sacred space).

The holistic approach is that Yoni massage is a spiritual practise that allows a woman to connect to her Goddess essence , her Shakti , in it’s many expressions .
The Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching , arousing and massaging the whole body ….

This is my clients first experience with Tantra , today is the day i make that difference .
Draped with a warm soft comforting towel she looks relaxed . Opening up the massage i use warm sweet almond oil with with a few drops of Geranium to balance the hormones .
My hands glide up her spine , softly and seductively i distribute the oil and work around the shoulders .
Caressing her neck the body weakens and the verbal sweet sighs become more prominent as she eases into a relaxed state ….
I tenderly work on her back , teasing the tension and stress away . 

The connection is magnetic , thoughts rushing around my head ……

I place myself in the same scenario , because of my past i would personally choose to visit  a female therapist . 

What expectations would i have ?

Yes , i would like to feel safe and secure . I would like to experience embrace the whole experience   
with an open mind !

Holding onto these thoughts i trickle the warm scented oil over the buttock area and softly massage a very soft peachy area .
I slide my hands up and down making my first connection with the rosebud , a very sensual and erogenous zone .  She sighs heavily and her breathing a little more upbeat .
 This is a new feeling to my client , her body language is screaming out to increase the pleasure ….

Always massaging the whole body i conclude the first half of the session with me knelt between the clients legs . 
Further work is focused slowly awakening the Kundalini energy and positive massage on the all important Chakra areas . 
Not letting an opportunity pass i sweep the buttocks , using lashings of warm oil , i circle my fingers around the rosebud to heighten her sensual awareness .

As she turns over i notice a beautiful flush of colour around her face and chest . I encourage her to slowly inhale her breath and then release .
Our energies connected shared with the same breathing space …
I massage her breasts , cupping them with soft tender movements . Her body moving around with the rhythm and flow of energy .

The contentment and desire had spread through out her body , leaving me to explore and serve her  ,
with an unforgettable Tantric journey .

I approached the “Sacred Space” with a deepened sensitivity and gently massaged the mound and labia . Her legs effortlessly  moved apart making way for more pleasure , trickling the warm oil i circled her clitoris .
I could feel the intensity pulsating through her body as she screamed out , sliding up and down the entire length of her labia and i softly grasped the clitoral hood and massaged until it throbbed .

Her body making involuntary quivers as she moaned with desire , riding her first Tantric Wave …

20% of women never experience “The Big O” !!!

Liberate yourself  and release negative emotions , feel the EUPHORIC energy , restoring the feeling of fulfilment of peace and serenity …..

The Yoni   xxx 

When i realised 
How different they could be 
I took the hand mirror 
Laid back on my bed 

Curiosity got the better of me 
So i explored with eyes and fingers . My intimate circles , holes and arches ….

They say inner Goddess 
Is in every woman .
Today i saw her full glory of life giving beauty ,
With my own eyes , here between my thighs  xxxx


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