Get to know your O’s ….

Now as a lot of you may know, there is not not a lot of things that surprise me when it comes to sensuality .

I hold a curious and kinky mind that acts like a pleasure seeking device – it constantly craves for more !

My love of sensory toys exceeds itself, one of my favourable methods of stimulation is electro-play , Sensual erotic pleasurable waves induces the dark wilderness in me …

My orgasm is a gift , it is something very precious to me – I can claim it for me or choose to share .

I don’t hold back,and yes when i ride the wave of intense pleasure my body shakes, involuntary movement immersing every inch of sensuality .

Flushes of hot wetness , rolling into the next orgasm -heavy breathing .

Sweet moaning growing into more !!!

Thoughts on Pleasure motivated me to research ” The Big O'”

Promoting this fabulous understated news is a blessing – Attention Please!

1: The Clitoral Orgasm

This sweet hot spot has 8000 lush nerve endings – P.s: A Slow build-up of soft touch and sensory tease will heighten your arousal and prolong the journey.

Lashings of lube will aid sensitivity and assist with your favourite toy or a very imaginative tongue!

Spelling your name with a clever tongue technique may award extra brownie points:).

Intense pleasurable feelings start within the hood of the clitoris transferring waves of pleasure throughout the body.

Stay with me Peeps 🙂

The clitoris is the most sensitive area of the female body, honour and worship with delicate attentive love.

Please note: We are all individuals and what does for one doesn’t do for the other!

Sensitivity varies, some ladies prefer a soft light touch while others may require much stronger and firmer stimulation. For some women, it’s so sensitive that touching the clitoral glans directly is often uncomfortable. After an Orgasm, the clit may become extremely sensitive – Good positive Loving requires patience and respect!

Attaining this fine art :

Ladies – You understand your body better than anybody else!


Don’t be shy! It is your body, to love and cherish

Slide your pinkies up and down the labia, feel the tingles, tease your clit with a clockwise motion.

Your choice Ladies – introduce your pinkie or a toy, Shhh my favourite is the Moregasm Mmmmm 🙂

Communicate and embrace – giving your partner permission to watch you , will create arousal and trust, share the opportunity to understand what you really like …

Tip: Encourage your partner to softly hover and seductively blow over your Yoni area …..

Seduce you with a feather and tease your most intimate Hot Spot xxx

2: Oral Love –

Sensory favourites to heighten arousal – Ice, stroke delicately working from the outwards to the Hot Sweet spot.

Colourful imagination spelling out naughty words using their tongue winding around your clitoris ….

Edging you and your Big O’ to the very brink !

Exercise Your control, empower sensual nerve endings and allow yourself to moan and scream 🙂

3: The Vaginal Orgasm

Though there is still some debate as to whether the G-spot exists, 30% of women claim they have a big O from having the erogenous zone stimulated through penetration alone.

Attention peeps – Explore the front wall of the vagina with your pinkie until you feel an area that is rippled and spongy in texture. Touching it directly should feel yummy ( Another Hot Spot Located).

During intercourse, encourage your partner to focus there. Rubbing against the front wall of the vagina and combined deep thrusts will stimulate the G-spot. This kind of orgasm takes longer to achieve but positive open communication and a willingness to explore will create stronger loving bonds

How does this kind of orgasm feel to a woman?

Many Ladies describe it as less intense than a clitoral orgasm but more deeply felt. It is described as a pressure that slowly grows and explodes deep inside the vagina –

Combined with a blended skilled technique / stimulating the clitoris and vagina can lead to the almighty mother of O’s !

4: The G-spot Orgasm

The G-spot is a highly sensitive tissue that, when touched the right way, triggers feelings of sexual happiness.
Its location may range from a quarter inch to a couple of inches along the upper wall of the vagina, about an inch or two past your vaginal opening.

Peek-a-boo and feel – Lie back and relax, start by spreading your legs.

Permit your Yoni to flower and have her voice. Insert two fingers inside, pressing the fingertips against the centre of the upper vaginal wall.

You are seeking a spongy, puckered, or slightly ridged area. Slowly stroke the vulva, clitoris and vaginal opening, feeling the warmth as it swells.

Continue to slowly build the erotic arousal , entice the G-spot with a firm pressure.

.Many women describe this type of O’ as a very special experience , deep sensual pleasure , which builds until their whole lower stomach and pelvic area explodes . A powerful wave of euphoric energy consumes mind , body and soul .

5: Squirting / Female Ejaculation

??? – It’s an Enigma

Some people give it a #tag Squirting

Others label as a good old Wee !

Nevertheless it is an experience to be shared with a partner and requires a lot of love and trust .

Female ejaculation is generally achieved by stimulating the G-spot , this area is intimately connected with the urethra . Pressure on the G-spot area will invariably produce a desire to Wee . This kind of female orgasm builds a strong intense bond between partners . In short , this powerful orgasm is achieved by using ancient Tantric techniques . It releases negative emotions and fills a woman with light , euphoric energy and feeling of fulfilment and peace ….

Love , Live , Laugh – And Dive Into The Sea Of Pleasure xxx


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