Sensuality tantra loves to play with messy food …

Introduction to a steamy , messy food play Tantric session .

Sexy foods are evocative and stimulate more than just the libido , they involve sight , smell , touch , taste and sensuality .

These sensations are the same ones used during sex . And if you feed your lover , sensually , these sensations can be taken to a greater level . 

Chocolate has long been thought to be an aphrodisiac “The food of love” , containing PEA , which creates a rush or feeling of euphoria .
Some other foods might be considered sexy because they stimulate erotic thoughts , asparagus and cucumbers resemble certain male attributes .
  Hint , hint , visualisation and the brain engages with erotic naughty thoughts .

Moving on , soft sweet fruits to squeeze and suck are an interesting choice .
 Sauces , desserts , drinks  can be slippery , messy fun   ……  

My chocolate therapy session has served it’s purpose , it was initiated for Valentines Day some many years ago . It still remains as popular but having ingested a recent conversation from somebody at channel  4 , i processed the information and curiosity got the better of me .

The discussion was related to the link between food and sensuality , he was experiencing a lack of feed back from females . We talked for a while but the seed was then sown , leaving me to do my own trial . 

My lady client is a bubbly person , we get on quite well .
 She was eager to assist with the “messy play  food session “.

The first half of the Tantric massage was relaxed , our energies strong and connected in a harmonious female zone .

Second half ;  The focus of Tantra is to expand ones mind and to liberate .

A feast of chocolate and creamy desserts cover my naked body , my client drizzles warm caramel over 
my supple breasts .Teasing my nipples as she warms the sticky caramel around them i feel my first wave of arousal . My body shudders as she delicately rubs a cold strawberry around my lips  , the sweetness cannot be denied as i flick my tongue around the soft juicy fruit . Taking the strawberry in my mouth i savour this , surrendering into , sucking every bit of its sweetness .

. Her eyes are locked into mine and she extended her arms and started to massage and play with the desserts . I’m not sure why but we both started to giggle , the sense of euphoria and liberation was over whelming . 
It was time to manage the Tantra session , i directed her to lay on the couch .

Breathing in the sweetness was pure erotica . Seducing her with sweet delights as she softly accepted the chocolate from my lips . Indulging in such a passionate tender way , i softly glided my body over hers . My nipples , erect as i rubbed the caramel and cream over her body . 
Both our bodies entwined with what can only be called as pure indulgence   ….


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