Seduce your lover with the art of Tantra ….

Okay you people, maybe I am wrong or have just been unfortunate.


There comes a time in life and you lose your way a little, other outside pressure’s , condition us as people.



Suddenly it is expected that we move into the domestic goddess phase, work long hours and keep house and garden …


 We develop a second pair of eyes and ears for something we might just miss.

Ohhh, not to mention when all duties are fulfilled, the other half is waiting patiently for the frazzled out look to be transformed.

Yes!   The desirable look he wants is sexy and sassy …


Time to take control but for you and for the benefit of going that extra mile with any relationship .


A good relationship is healthy and positive , couples who play together , stay together ….


Send your partner a personal invitation, prepare for this:

Quiet time, soft music and scented candles.

Ask your partner to take an assisted bath/shower. Utilise a warm soft flannel and gently stroke the body, building up a soft fluffy lather.

Work your way to the room you have prepared for him /her.

Ask him/her to lay face down on the couch/bed.

Taking some warm oil, rub together with both hands and gently distribute over the back area. Don’t worry about technical moves; this is your personal experience.

Slowly glide your hands down the lower part of the back area, caress the buttock area, and be liberal with the oil.

The better the slip will help promote a better glide. Sweep inwards towards the inner thigh, tease, and stimulate the erogenous areas.

Be naughty and give the sacred area lots of attention, caressing and stroking, backwards and forwards.

Cup the all-important parts , tenderly manipulate and softly pull . Not forgetting the perineum , stroke and tickle is the answer .

 Clench your hand into a ball and roll around the perineum area , This will really raise the temperature ….


Ladies, please remember. Surrender is not an option!


At this point, your partner’s body will be responsive. Legs will appear to be more spread apart to allow further pleasuring, the rocking motion and a slight uplift of the body supporting themselves on the elbows. This is normally accompanied with heavy breathing, moans and delayed pleasurable groans.


You my Goddess are now in control, engaging his/hers mind, body and soul ….


Work your way around the body using the same technique.

Use your femininity to heighten the sensual energy. As you give a neck and shoulder massage gaze into his/hers eyes. Softly whisper sensual things in their ears, kissing the lopes will heighten the sensual energy.

At this point you may experience (touchy feely syndrome), gently place touchy feely hands back in position.

You are the most desirable person on this planet and he/she is aching to recipicate.

The key: is to maintain this connection but remain in control.

Remain at the head area and use your body, allow your soft   breasts to  brush down onto his/hers face as you massage.

 Pay attention to the nipple area, tease and rub them as you lovingly massage .


Insania comes to mind, increased panting, sighs, and a lot of writhing around.


Soooo, let’s turn things up shall we?

Straddle yourself over your partner, eyes locked.

 Allow the warm oil to trickle through your hands and take a few long deep breaths.

Give your partner that twinkled eyed look and take in the ambiance, his/her body will be glistening in the glow of the candles.

The sensual energy in the room will be euphoric, slowly glide your body across there’s. Tease your breasts and softly kiss them working your way down.

Time to conclude or draw your own conclusion   …


Love, live, laugh xxx

Happy St Patricks Day  

Irish Blessing


May you always walk in sunshine

May you never want for more

May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door xxx


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